'Jurassic World' InGen Viral Video Shows How Dinosaur Breeding Has Evolved

For some reason, despite the disaster that occurred at a test run of Jurassic Park, the folks at InGen Technologies thought it was still a good idea to follow up on John Hammond's dream and build Jurassic World. In the new film, the theme park has been operation for a while, and it seems like they've worked out all the bugs in the system. But of course, they create a genetically modified hybrid called the Indominus Rex, and that's bad news.

We'll see how that turns out next month, but in the meantime, check out this Jurassic World InGen viral video that dives into how the company's genetic technology and dinosaur breeding has evolved over the past couple decades. There's also a new TV spot that uses some familiar voiceover from the late Richard Attenborough as John Hammond. Watch the videos below!

Here's the new viral video from InGen Technologies from the Jurassic World YouTube:

As you can see, Dr. Henry Wu (played again by B.D. Wong) seems to be running the genetic side of things at InGen for Jurassic World. He was pretty integral to what was happening when John Hammond was still alive and creating Jurassic Park, so it's not surprising that InGen wanted to keep him around. However, he seems to be a little too over zealous about the work they're doing, and that's dangerous. Of course, this is meant to be promotional video for the fictional company, so maybe he's not always that passionate about the work, especially when they start meddling with hybrids.

And besides the direct ties Jurassic World has with 1993's original Jurassic Park due to Dr. Henry Wu's presence, the marketing behind the film is also making clear links between the two films. A new TV spot has surfaced that uses some of John Hammond's lines from the first film as voiceover to introduce the new park. However, you'll notice that there's one major difference:

While most of that voiceover is lifted directly from Jurassic Park, there's that moment where Hammond says "Welcome to Jurassic World." Considering we only just lost Richard Attenborough last August, there's a good chance he recorded that new line for the film. After all, we know that there's a statue paying tribute to John Hammond in Jurassic World. So it stands to reason that there might also be a small informative exhibit that has some kind of speech from John Hammond about seeing his dream finally realized. We'll have to wait and see.

In the meantime, you should check out the most recent trailer for Jurassic World, chock full of dinosaur action. And don't forget about our extensive interview with director Colin Trevorrow. And if you're at the store, you may want to pick up some Barbasol shaving cream as a nice throwback to the original Jurassic Park. The park opens on June 12th.

Are you still excited for Jurassic World? Do you think it will measure up to the original?