LOL: 'Hulk' Honest Trailer Smacks Down "The Dullest Superhero Movie Ever Made"

Mark Ruffalo's Hulk emerged as one of the highlights of 2012's The Avengers, and he has even more to do in this weekend's Avengers: Age of Ultron. But let's not forget that Ruffalo's Hulk is actually the third big-screen incarnation of the character. The first was Eric Bana's version, in 2003's Hulk directed by Ang Lee.

In the latest installment of their Honest Trailers series, the Screen Junkies gang takes aim at that original Hulk movie, by their estimation "the most forgettable movie about a giant rage-filled monster ever made." Watch the Hulk Honest Trailer after the jump. 

Hulk wasn't a total commercial flop, and it got some decent reviews. But it was met with bafflement. Audiences went in expecting an action-packed thrill ride and got, in Screen Junkies' words, "a two-hour long brooding thinkpiece about a green guy who smashes things."

Nor has its reputation really improved since. "Admit it, you forgot about Eric Bana til I said his name just now," snarks the Honest Trailers narrator. They even use Hulk to get in a dig at another Marvel movie: "Thor: The Dark World is looking pretty good right now."

Still, there are a few folks willing to defend it — including the Hulk himself, in a hilarious Onion op-ed:

Why no one appreciate daring vision of Ang Lee? Aaargh! Ang Lee genius! Maybe panels on screen gimmicky, but him try something new. When last time you try something new?! Ang Lee willing to work in unfamiliar genres. Him brave like Hulk.

And as The Dissolve points out in a more recent Hulk reappraisal, Lee's approach helped shape the comic book movies we love today:

[T]he most successful and enduring superhero films have drawn on Lee's thoughtfulness. Specifically, the best MCU films have put character first, starting with Robert Downey Jr.'s damaged, witty Tony Stark.

So, Ang Lee's Hulk: underrated visionary work or rightfully dismissed misfire? Have it out in the comments.