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Header Photo: Vinyl of selected music from Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

4 Signs the New 'Terminator' Movie Is DoomedInterstellar Is About the Death of FilmBoba Fett Unmasked During Jabba's Palace Scene

Boba Fett Unmasked During Jabba's Palace Scene

The Metaphysics of InterstellarRead Christopher Nolan's Guest Editor intro to Wired MagazineZZ32A88705

Baymax laptop skin

25 of TV's Most Powerful Leading LadiesIn Defense of Indiana Jones, ArchaeologistZZ16BDB9E6

This Bento Baymax Is Your Personal Hunger Companion

12 Movies For Your Kids to See After They Watch 'Frozen' For the Billionth Time

Father Creates Pancake Sculptures of Villainous Sith Characters From 'Star Wars' for His Kids

Why Are Christopher Nolan Fans So Intense?Planet of the Apes The Lawgiver StatuePlanet of the Apes The Lawgiver StatueHow 2010: The Year We Make Contact Nails the Drama of Space Exploration

Supercut: "You Fucked/Messed With The Wrong..."

The Disney Vault needs to be reopened for the HD era

Death Star Bluetooth Speaker

Death Star Bluetooth Speaker

Warner Bros. Prevails Over Weinsteins in 'Hobbit' Profit Fight

Benedict Cumberbatch Does a Wicked Good Set of Impressions in 60 Seconds

OMFG: 'Sex And The City' May Be Making A Return To Television

ZZ223C81C6Lilo and Stitch Funko Pops available for preorder.

Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquires Fede Alvarez's 'A Man in the Dark'

"From Star Wars to Jedi" – wonderful 1983 hour-long documentary narrated by Mark Hamill chronicling the making of the Original Star Wars Trilogy

Christopher Lambert Joins Coen Brothers' 'Hail, Caesar!'Doctor XII t-shirt

Doctor XII t-shirt

'Disney Infinity 2.0? to Get Mobile Boost with Apple's Metal

Watch: Martin Sofiedal's 'Uncharted: Ambushed' Live-Action Fan Film

Cord cutting accelerates as 150,000 cancel TV service

A Ghost and a Proton Pac t-shirt

A Ghost and a Proton Pac t-shirt

MTV Star Diem Brown Dies at 32

Watch: 'Hunger Games' Cast Crashes Woody Harrelson's 'SNL' Monologue

HIMYM's Alyson Hannigan Returns to CBS, Books Holiday Guest Stint on The McCarthys

ZZ39AF1C06Custom 3D Printed Star Wars Zen StatuesRobert De Niro Confirms He Will Reteam with Jennifer Lawrence and David O. Russell on 'Joy'

He-Man's Best One-Liners

'Monty Python's' Terry Jones Co-directs 'Boom Bust Boom'

The Iron Giant poster by Daniel NorrisThe Iron Giant poster by Daniel Norris

DreamWorks Stocks Fall, Hasbro Shares Rise After Merger Talks End

The Hobbit: the Battle of the Five ArmiesFive high-resolution stills from The Hobbit: the Battle of the Five ArmiesHow I Am Santa Claus Producer & WWE Legend Mick Foley Feels About The Backlash To The Film's Gay SantaCat-At Loves You! t-shirt

Cat-At Loves You! t-shirt

Faith-Based Moviegoers Flock to Kirk Cameron's 'Saving Christmas' Despite Hum-Bug Reviews

Shanks FX rebuilt the CGI INTERSTELLAR black hole with all "In-Camera" elements.

Ron Perlman Is Headed To The Blacklist, Here Are The DetailsZZ11ABAD19Raiders of the Lost Ark costume concepts

'Kung Fu Hustle' to Be Re-Released in 3D

WATCH: 'Big Hero 6? Music Video for 'Story' by AI (Japanese, Minor Spoilers)People really didn't like the Lifetime Aaliyah biopicDarth Vader Sculpture Made From Scrap Metal

Darth Vader Sculpture Made From Scrap Metal

Box Office: 'Interstellar' Soars Past $300 Million Globally

The Scarier Story You Missed in the Background of 'Jaws'

Box Office: 'Dumb and Dumber To' On Top With $38.1 Million

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