VOTD: How Many People Died In The Original 'Star Wars' Trilogy?

Star Wars is a pretty family-friendly film series, right? WRONG. It is a bonanza of death and murder, as shown in a video that tallies every on-screen death in the original trilogy. Guess what the final number is. No, it's probably higher. This video compiles all on-screen Star Wars deaths from the OT — animal, clone, and human — with some estimates coming for the bigger moments, such as the destruction of Alderaan.

Note: this video does not take into account childhoods murdered by the Special Editions.

And, yeah, for some reason this video is set to Girl Talk's 'Play Your Part, Pt. 1' mix. So when the beats start up as stormtroopers are going down in the hallway of the blacked runner, just go with it.

What's the least deadly film in the original trilogy? Empire, of course — not having the destruction of a planet or planetoid-sized space station keeps the body count low. But that damage to a Star Destroyer still pushes the toll into the thousands.

The video comes from Digg, which used Wookieepedia to estimate things such as the population of Alderaan, the crew numbers for ships destroyed in the series, and the workers and everyone else stuck on the two ill-fated Death Stars.