Star Wars Bits: Blu-Ray Rumors, Adam Driver's Schedule, Set Photos, John Boyega And Boardgames

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Last week saw a motherload of Star Wars rumors, spoilers and discussion hitting the internet. Things have cooled down considerably over the weekend, but there's still lots going on. Below, read about the following.

  • Are the Star Wars board games affected by Star Wars Episode VII?
  • The same old rumor of the original Star Wars Trilogy coming to Blu-ray is back.
  • Check out a fan rendering of a Star Wars Episode VII Stormtrooper and some new rumors.
  • Read an interview with Adam Driver about starring in Episode VII, his schedule and Harrison Ford's injuries.
  • A new photo of Tatooine from Star Wars Episode VII has leaked, as well as photos inside the Millennium Falcon.
  • Read a possible description of a Daisy Ridley outfit in the film.
  • See the cover for the Star Wars Rebels mini-movie, Spark of Rebellion, and watch a new Chopper video.
  • John Boyega meets Samuel L. Jackson, Jackson calls him a Jedi.
  • See a bunch of new creatures and ships from Star Wars Rebels.
  • Watch the panel for the book Star Wars: A New Dawn.
  • More Star Wars Episode VII rumors including the Luke Skywalker timeline.
  • Lots of Star Wars board game news broke over the weekend, but one tidbit that didn't get picked up was the following:

    But wait, what does that mean? Peter asks.

    So even the board games now have to fit into Star Wars canon.

    Over the weekend, Comic Book posted a story claiming an exclusive that Disney was finally planning to release the original, uncut, unaltered Star Wars Trilogy on Blu-ray. The got a lot of attention because it's obviously something fans want, but unfortunately, it is untrue. As we laid out in this article two years ago, 20th Century Fox owns the rights to both trilogies for the next four years and will never ever lose the rights to Episode IV. So if there is an original, unaltered release coming, it would have nothing to do with Disney.

    The first crack in the lid of the Mystery Box last week was the reveal of one of the rumored Star Wars Episode VII Stormtroopers. The photos were kind crappy, though, so artist Juan Fernandez (via SW Underworld) did his own rendering.

    Latino Review also ran a few rumors about these Stormtroopers, including the fact some of these Stormtroopers will be able to do different, new things.Adam Driver spoke to Entertainment Weekly about starring in Episode VII and it's a really good interview. Nothing specific about the film, but he did reveal he's shooting Episode VII and Girls at the same time, doing a week or two on each and traveling back and forth across the Atlantic. Also, Harrison Ford's injury extended his personal schedule by only a few weeks. There's much more too, here's a good one about expectations:

    How great is that to get to work on something that has so much humanity in the midst of it? I feel like that's everyone's goal, to balance those two. Again, surreal seems to be the word of this interview. It's exciting to get that to be part of your life. Now you have to contribute something to it—and that's not something you, personally, or anyone on set takes lightly. I feel like everybody wants to make it good.

    Cinelix was sent a photo they claim is from a Tatooine set that was built at Pinewood Studios for Episode VII. It looks pretty legitimate. Making Star Wars also ran a potential description of one of Daisy Ridley's outfits in the film. Head to this link to read it all, but here's a snippet:

    The artwork shows a slender brunette figure wearing clothing with a grey and brown palette. She wears a dark blue sash at the waist that hangs down at the back and one side at about thigh level. Her shirt arms have a few utilitarian looking straps attached and it covers both midriff and chest completely.  She may wear gloves and have "star wars" type wraps on the forearms.

    Also, lots of rumored photos from inside the Star Wars Episode VII Millennium Falcon have made it online. Are they legit? If not, it's impressive.

    We take a break from this edition of Star Wars Bits for this fantastic tweet by one of the stars:

    Back to the column, the Star Wars Rebels mini-movie, Spark of Rebellion, is now available for pre-order on Amazon, and they uploaded the cover.

    Star Wars Rebels DVD

    You can also visit Toys R Us's website to see a new video about the droid, Chopper.

    More John Boyega social media. He was at a party last week and ran into another Star Wars actor, Samuel L. Jackson. Here's the clip.

    Also of note, Jackson tweeted about meeting Boyega and called him a Jedi. Interesting.

    Yakface (via SW Underworld) got their hands on a new Star Wars Rebels book and it's packed with new creatures, robots and ships. I won't put them here cause technically this would be considered spoilers, but there's some really cool stuff including the Inquisitor's unique TIE Fighter.

    The Comic-Con panel for Star Wars: A New Dawn has now been uploaded:

    Finally, we couldn't leave you without at least some new rumors about the plot of Star Wars Episode VII. Making Star Wars is again the culprit, running a nice breakdown of little tidbits. Most of them are about things that may have once been in the movie, but are now not. But there's a particularly interesting one about Luke Skywalker's timeline. Head there to read more.