Tom Cruise Gets The Smackdown In Four New 'Edge Of Tomorrow' Clips

In last year's Oblivion, Tom Cruise wandered around a post-apocalyptic Earth that had been destroyed by battle with hostile alien forces. In this year's Edge of Tomorrow, Tom Cruise will be trying to stop hostile alien forces from destroying Earth in the first place — by destroying himself, again and again.

Which all sounds very grim for the character, but by all accounts Edge of Tomorrow has a sharper sense of humor than you'd expect. The action apparently isn't too shabby either. Check out four new Edge of Tomorrow clips after the jump.

[via JoBlo]

Edge of Tomorrow isn't getting quite the attention that some of this summer's other movies have, probably because it's not based on a Marvel comic. Nevertheless, early reviews indicate that it could just be "the best action movie of the summer" or even "the blockbuster of the year." Our own Germain Lussier called it "almost amazing," despite a few issues with the script by Christopher McQuarrie, Jez Butterworth, and John-Henry Butterworth.

Edge of Tomorrow premieres June 6.

The epic action of EDGE OF TOMORROW unfolds in a near future in which an alien race has hit the Earth in an unrelenting assault, unbeatable by any military unit in the world.

Major William Cage (Cruise) is an officer who has never seen a day of combat when he is unceremoniously dropped into what amounts to a suicide mission. Killed within minutes, Cage now finds himself inexplicably thrown into a time loop — forcing him to live out the same brutal combat over and over, fighting and dying again... and again.

But with each battle, Cage becomes able to engage the adversaries with increasing skill, alongside special forces warrior Rita Vrataski (Blunt). And, as Cage and Rita take thefight to the aliens, each repreated encounter gets them one step closer to defeating the enemy.