'Godzilla' - What Did You Think?

The new version of Godzilla, from Monsters director Gareth Edwards, is now in theaters. The film isn't cut from the well-established blockbuster template. Edwards keeps things quiet, and really holds back when it comes to showing monster action. He gets to the big effects pieces, of course, but tries to ground all the setpieces in a relatable human point of view. We've talked about the film, and reviewed it. Now we'd like to know what you think .Talk about Godzilla in the comments section after the break. Full spoilers are encouraged to facilitate conversation, so don't hold back.

There are some significant issues in the film, primarily that the lead character played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson isn't very interesting, and the actor's performance fails to breathe life into the part. In fact, after Bryan Cranston's storyline is completed, the film is nearly empty when it comes to human characters. But Godzilla is great, and the beasts he opposes turn out to be frightening and surprisingly even endearing at times. When Edwards held back in showing the monsters clash, I just wanted to see more, and it pulled me into the film. And while stronger human characters would be welcome, that end was great.

But what about you? Tell us what you thought of Godzilla below.