Rumor: Chris Hemsworth Wanted For 'Lethal Weapon' Reboot [Updated]

We've figured for years that Warner Bros. would get around to remaking Lethal Weapon sooner or later. There has been no reported movement on the project, but with the title standing as one of the studio's more recognizable and salable catalog titles, it has to happen. Now there are rumors of movement, and producers are at least not straying from the idea of an Australian in the lead role. Word is that Chris Hemsworth is being sought to star in the reboot, with Justin Lin as the possible director.

Update: At least half of this rumor is already debunked, as Justin Lin says he's not doing the movie. More below.

The Tracking Board reports that offers are out to Chris Hemsworth to star in and Justin Lin to direct the new Lethal Weapon film. This sounds like it would be mid-point between a sequel and a reboot, with the idea generally being to recast from the ground up, but that the lead character might be the son of Mel Gibson's Martin Riggs. That lead role would go to Hemsworth, if this story is on the money and the producers get their way.

Beyond that, original producer Joel Silver is still working on the project, which is being referred to under the name Lionheart, and the report says that original screenwriter Shane Black has consulted as well. But this is a tracking board report, which means that this is in the early stages, and might not happen in this configuration, or at all. Lin is a busy guy, fielding offers left and right thanks to his Fast and Furious success. So he seems like the least likely participant. Beyond that, we'll wait to see if deals are made.  

Today Lin tweeted that there's no way he's doing Lethal Weapon: