There's Going To Be A 'Green Acres' Movie

In the latest example of an old TV show being mined for material to produce a feature film, there's now development on a Green Acres movie based on the '60s sitcom of the same name.

My first thought was to wonder whether or not Green Acres really means anything to people now. People over 30 or 35 know the show, if only from Nick at Nite reruns, but it probably isn't anyone's favorite. Kids getting into movies now might not even know what Sam Jackson's line in Pulp Fiction is all about.

But that might not matter. We're in the middle of a culture war, after all — or so Fox News says. The story of a Manhattan couple that heads to the country so the husband can indulge his dream of running a farm might make for primo comedy. Someone could probably make a few bucks off a comedy that pokes fun at a situation where city folk moving to middle America, especially if it has a slightly familiar name.

Deadline reports info on the movie, saying there will also be a Broadway show developed to go along with it. Given the fact that the show's theme song may be more enduring than most of the characters, and the fact that the premise is ripe for musical exploitation, the Broadway angle makes sense.Richard L. Bare, who directed many episodes of the original series, picked up the big-screen and Broadway rights, along with producer Phillip Goldfine and Hollywood Media Bridge. Bare won't direct, however; they're looking for a writer and director (possibly both in one person) to make the movie.

There's no info on the Broadway show yet, but presumably the producers are on the hunt for people to help make that a reality, too.