'Chronicle 2' Still Developing, Now With New Screenwriter

Briefly: We haven't heard much about Chronicle 2 in the past few months, but the sequel is still kicking. Fox has just hired a new screenwriter to push the development forward. The chosen guy is newcomer Jack Stanley, whose spec script Sweetheart landed on the Black List, and got the attention of producers.Deadline reports that Sweetheart is being developed, and that Stanley has a "werewolf  thriller" called Silver going around Hollywood now. But Chronicle 2 is his first big commercial hire. Beyond that we don't know much about this sequel.

The first film was scripted by Max Landis with Josh Trank directing; Trank has gone on to The Fantastic Four. Until last year it seemed like Max Landis might write the Chronicle sequel, but Fox decided not to go in the fairly dark direction Landis wanted.

(That said, Fox did use the Landis script for a new Frankenstein film, though we don't hear has name come up all that much in connection with the new film. That one just finished shooting with James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe as Dr. Frankenstein and Igor, respectively.)

Chronicle 2 has been dormant, publicly at least, since Landis was off the project last year. Clearly Fox has still been working on the film, and now that a new script has been commissioned we might see some more movement in the next couple months.