Emmy Rossum, Kate Mara And Miles Teller Doing 'Fantastic Four' Screen Tests; Doctor Doom Could Be Female

There's been lots of talk this week about the behind the scenes happenings with Josh Trank's Fantastic Four. What's the movie about? Who is starring? It seems we might find out sooner rather than later.

A new report says Michael B. Jordan is officially attached as Johnny Storm but actors are still testing for the other three lead roles. Emmy Rossum and Kara Mara are screen testing this week for the role of Sue Storm and Miles Teller is still testing for Reed Richards. As for Ben Grimm, Josh Gad isn't mentioned but Christian Cook (Cemetery Junction, Magic City) has tested.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news of these tests. According to their write up, while there are a lot of tests happening this week, "this is not the end of the casting process and more may be read in the coming days and weeks." They also dismiss earlier reports Saoirse Ronan, Elizabeth Olsen and Kit Harington tested. None could make the film because of scheduling.

But as Trank casts the four leads, there must be a villain too, right? That someone, reportedly and predictably, is Doctor Doom and they're hoping for a big name. In a nice twist, though, is THR says Trank is open to casting a female in the role if they can get the right person.

So when will we officially hear the cast for this fast approaching June 2015 release? No one knows for sure. But despite one popular theory among fans, it seems likely to be well before San Diego Comic-Con.