Bring Batman To Life With Lego Cuusoo Wayne Manor

Lego Cuusoo is a site where fans can create and show off any Lego project they can come up with. If 10,000 people like it a design, Lego will consider making it a reality. The competition is incredibly fierce as only one piece out of many that meet the criteria is picked for every session. To date only four projects have been created, with two more recently selected.

After a project gets 10,000 votes, it's put into a pool with others and Lego decides which one to make depending on a bunch of factors. For example, Lego must deem the project commercially viable and financially possible. So while a certain project could be popular, it might be impossible for Lego to legally make it. Rights aren't always available to franchises like Jurassic Park or The Legend of Zelda (though it did work for Back to the Future and there are several Ghostbusters sets now under review).

All that is preamble to explain why we're highlighting this latest cool Cuusoo. It's called Assault on Wayne Manor and is basically just a huge working version of Bruce Wayne's house. Which is incredibly awesome. Plus, Lego has released Batman sets in the past.

The full Lego Cuusoo site to vote on the set is at that link. Thanks to Fire Wire for the heads up. And here are a few more images.

Very cool stuff. However most Cuusoo sets to this point have been smaller and less expensive. This would be a huge, expensive set. Which isn't to say it's impossible, just improbable. There's a first time for everything, though. First it has to get 10,000 votes.