Kickstart This: Poster Documentary 'Twenty-Four By Thirty-Six'

We here on /Film have been covering pop culture art long before it became what it is now. Years ago, Mondo posters sat on their website for days at a time, Gallery 1988 shows didn't have people camping out overnight, and eBay wasn't a wasteland of people buying posters only to turn a profit. By consistently being passionate about the world, we likely contributed to the simple thought of "That poster is cool" turning to "I will kill someone to get that poster, so help me God."

During that time the hype increased, new galleries opened, talented artists emerged, prices inflated, and several people have made movies about the various facets of the poster craze. Just Like Being There traced its roots in the gig poster scene, Officially Limited is exploring the legal ramifications and now a new documentary is doing a bit of both. It's called Twenty-Four by Thirty-Six (the standard poster size in the poster collecting world) and will look at the history of the movie poster up through, and including, the current craze for limited edition collectibles. Read more below.

Twenty-Four by Thirty-Six, directed by Kevin Burke, is already well into production but they're just started a Kickstarter to finish up. The best part is some of the incentives are truly awesome, including – of course – some limited edition movie posters.

Read more about, and contribute, to the campaign here. Watch the pitch below, followed by a few of the posters.

And here are two of the official posters by Paul Ainsworth and Matt Ryan Tobin.

We'll surely keep an eye out for updates on this film, especially when it finally gets finished and we can check it out.

Source: Blurppy