Watch Director's Roundtable With Steve McQueen, Paul Greengrass, David O. Russell, Ben Stiller, Alfonso Cuaron And Lee Daniels

As we mentioned a few days ago, one of the great pleasures of the award season, which does arrive each year with a grand set of problems and irritants, is that filmmakers are given more opportunities than usual to discuss their work, and some of those opportunities are more extensive than others. THR has created a series of "creative roundtables" over the past few years, in which likely Oscar candidates talk with each other about their work.

Below you'll find the new directors roundtable, in which Steve McQueen, Paul Greengrass, David O. Russell, Ben Stiller, Alfonso Cuaron and Lee Daniels discuss all manner of topics related to filmmaking. Make time for the 50-minute talk; it's very much worth it.

There's a lot of great stuff in here, and much of it involves David O. Rusell. "There's no note I won't take," says Russell, once known for his particularly fiery personality. Later we see Lee Daniels almost lose it when Russell is asked about conflict on set, which Russell denies. That leads Ben Stiller, who acted for Russell in Flirting With Disaster, to chime in with his own experience working with the director. And then of course, there's the news that Russell has written a horror film that Eli Roth may direct.

There's a lot more, of course, as the 50-minute talk is rich with information and first-hand stories about making some of the biggest films of the year.