Jeremy Piven's Fat Paycheck Is Behind The 'Entourage' Delay

Whether the world will even still want an Entourage movie by the time it gets made is up for debate, but the reason it hasn't gotten one yet is pretty clear. Although Warner Bros. greenlit the project back in January, report after report has indicated that the cast isn't so thrilled with the salaries being offered. Or rather, most of the cast isn't.

According to a new story, Jeremy Piven is being compensated handsomely for his involvement in the movie. This is proving an issue because he's getting paid so much, Adrian GrenierKevin Connolly, Jerry Ferrara, and Kevin Dillon are upset that they aren't making as much as he is. Get the details after the jump.

That the cast is battling with the studio over their salaries is no secret. After Wahlberg blasted "them guys" for holding up the movie by being "greedy," Grenier defended his stance in an Instagram post: "I will sign any deal that gives ALL the boys an opportunity to share in the upside of success EQUALLY." Now it's apparent that he's miffed about one of the "boys" — Piven — getting paid more.

But Piven's cushier status isn't really new. Insiders say that he had a better deal than his co-stars even at the very beginning of the show, initially because he was the most famous member of the cast. He's also been the most critically lauded, winning a Golden Globe and three consecutive Emmys for playing Ari.

What'll come of the negotiations with the rest of the cast is tough to say. As Grenier and the others fight for fatter paychecks, Warner Bros. is insistent that the budget not go over $30 million. Meanwhile, the film has already qualified for a California tax credit but needs to start production by January, according to an insider, in order to keep it.