Disney Invites Audiences To Ruin 'The Little Mermaid' With "Second Screen" Experience

A small but vocal contingent wants theaters to consider the designation of screens that allow so-called "second screen" viewing experiences. In short, these would be houses where using your phone, iPad, Microsoft Surface (ha ha) or whatever is kosher for use, to tweet and look up crap on WikiPedia while the movie runs.

And you know what? Want to watch a movie like that? Fine, go ahead, as long as (a) I don't have to look at your stupid glowing screen and (b) people don't assume they can do it all over the place. Complaint (a) is easy to avoid so long as "second screen" showings are confined to well-designated theaters, but given the high use of cell phones in regular theaters, (b) seems like something that will inevitably take hold.

But Disney is on board with the idea of the second screen nonsense, and is promoting a presentation of The Little Mermaid. Viewers can download an app for use on phones and tablets, through which they can "interact" with the movie and "become part of the experience." Watch a trailer for this second screen indoctrination tool for young children, below.

Here's the trailer for the "Second Screen Live" presentation of The Little Mermaid, via Disney.

People now have great memories of watching movies at a drive-in (for the olds) or on VHS or cable. Eventually there could be people who fondly remember the formative days of the second screen experience. Change comes, and we can't stop it, but that doesn't mean there's no reason to try. Do this stuff at home if you want (everyone does) but like all sorts of other ways that people can become "part of the experience" when watching a movie on the couch, it's best left at home.