Mike Myers Turns To Directing With Documentary 'Supermensch'

Mike Myers was undoubtably one of the biggest movie stars in the world a decade ago. Wayne's World, Austin Powers, Shrek, the guy had a long string of massive hits and sequels that afforded him the ability to do many other things. But when 2008's The Love Guru failed, the actor seemingly took himself off the radar, with the exception few minor roles.

Myers has finally decided to return to the world of show business, but he's doing it in a very unexpected way. Instead of once again playing Wayne or Austin, the comedic actor will step behind the camera to direct a documentary called Supermensch. The film focuses on talent manager Shep Gordon, who has worked with the likes of Blondie, Alice Cooper, Luther Vandross and others.

Deadline broke the news of the deal and Myers released a statement about it:

I met Shep Gordon in 1991 on the set of Wayne's World. I thought he was a perfect combination of Brian Epstein, Marshall McLuhan and Mr Magoo. I've been trying to get Shep to agree to let me make a movie about him for 10 years. Last year he finally he said yes. I loved him like a brother before we started making this film and now having sifted through his life and his legacy, I love him even more.

The backstory related to Wayne's World is that Gordon was reportedly not convinced that Alice Cooper should appear in the film, or that it was a good idea to license the use of the song 'Feed my Frankenstein.' Myers had to convince him. Through that process they developed a friendship.

The doc will be produced by A&E's IndieFilms, and the president of A&E Bob DeBitetto said the following:

We are excited by the passion Mike Myers has brought to this project. Shep Gordon is known throughout Hollywood as the nicest guy to know and the epitome of friendship in an industry devoid of genuine friends – but to hear Mike say it, he's a Supermensch.

We all know Myers can make us laugh, but I'm very interested to see how he tells a story from the other side of the camera. Will he appear in the film? Will he stay out of it?