Superhero Bits: Man Of Steel, Doctor Strange, X-Men: Days Of Future Past, Kick-Ass 2, Red 2, The Wolverine

Everyone in America is celebrating the 4th of July but, if you're reading this, maybe you want some Superhero Bits to go with your barbecue. We're happy to oblige.

Want to see a new July 4th centric Man of Steel commercial? Did that movie make it even harder to continue the DC Universe? What happens in the first part of Marvel's Doctor Strange movie? Is there a way to tie Christopher Nolan's Batman films into Justice League? Which superhero house is Bryan Singer at for X-Men: Days of Future Past? What does Mark Millar find in Dave's room on the Kick-Ass 2 set? Read about all this and more in today's Superhero Bits.

Here's a special 4th of July Man of Steel commercial via Facebook.

Superhero Hype has nine ways Man of Steel made a DC Universe even more difficult, instead of the other way around.

WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE! 'Doctor Strange' Plot Details REVEALED! Part 2 from Mayimbe Media on Vimeo.

SPOILERS! Latino-Review reveals the second part of their Doctor Strange report. Part one is here.

You can now get bundles and subscriptions to some of your favorite digital comics, via Gizmodo.


Here's a new Japanese poster for The Wolverine, via Superhero Hype.

Cinemablend believes Christopher Nolan's Batman films could still tie into Justice League.

Here's a new TV spot for Red 2 that focuses on the impressive ensemble.

What happens when Totoro meets Batman, on a t-shirt?

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IGN and Mark Millar take you on a tour of Dave's room in Kick-Ass 2.

Iron Man 3 was the biggest movie in Hong Kong during the first half of 2013.

Looks like Bryan Singer is paying a trip to Quicksilver's house today on the set of X-Men: Days of Future Past.

IO9 feels Marvel needs to make a Captain Marvel movie as soon as possible.

Ward West Birthday

Check out this old school photo of Burt Ward and Adam West celebrating West's birthday on the set of Batman.

Fashionably Geek asks, "Who wouldn't say 'Yes' to an Arc Reactor engagement ring?"

DC Uglydoll

The famous Uglydoll is going DC according to ToysRevil.

Check out a bunch of comic characters reimagined as characters in Game of Thrones.