VOTD: Jack Black And Kyle Gass Star In 'Teen Wolf' Sequel 'Adult Wolf'

When MTV unveiled their new take on Teen Wolf in 2011, their efforts were initially met with eyerolls from folks old enough to remember the original Teen Wolf. The new series didn't bear much of a resemblance to its ostensible source material, which had been a somewhat cheesy '80s comedy. If anything, the new show was much more like the angsty Twilight, with its ripped, frequently shirtless shapeshifters.

But perhaps it's for the best that MTV took the property in an entirely different direction after all. Because according to Jack Black's new Teen Wolf sequel Adult Wolf, Scott Howard's life went on a steep downward trajectory after adolescence. "Back in high school I had it all: Brains, skills, girls, but after graduation, everything just fell apart," he reflects. "Now I've got no job, no girlfriend, and one very annoying roommate." Check out the "sizzle reel" after the jump.

But there's hope! A nasty encounter with John C. McGinley inspires the pair to get their lives back on track. All they need is $9,000 for a full body wax — and wouldn't you know it, there's a father-son basketball tournament coming up with a $9,000 prize for the winner. Ed Begley Jr., Rachel Bilson, and John Wall (of the Washington Wizards) also star.

Okay, in case it wasn't abundantly clear, this isn't an actual follow-up to Teen Wolf — there's no such thing in the works, unless you count the aforementioned MTV show. But doesn't it kinda seem like just a matter of time before someone sees this video and decides it's a good idea to make it actually happen? Do you think the results would be better or worse than Teen Wolf's real sequel, Teen Wolf Too?