Cool Stuff: Hot Toys' 'RoboCop' Collectibles

Toy collectors are well aware of the company Hot Toys. They make officially licensed, expertly researched and highly detailed collectible figures for almost every geek culture property out there. Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Terminator, G.I. Joe: you name it and Hot Toys has probably made it.

Their latest creations are from one of the most revered sci-fi movies: RoboCop. Seemingly tied to next year's remake, Hot Toys is releasing a brand-new version of the original RoboCop himself, an alternate version with his chair, and the villainous ED-209, all crafted in exquisite detail. Check them out below.

Here's just a few images of the ED-209, which will be out first quarter 2014 and costs $410. See more images and read more details here.

Here's the RoboCop with Docking Station, which will be out second quarter 2014 and costs $425.  See more images and read more details here.

Finally, here's the standard RoboCop, also out second quarter 2014 and costs $300. More images and details here.

These can currently be pre-ordered on various online toy retailers. Which is your favorite?