RoboCop Bits: See Detroit's RoboCop Statue, Frank Miller Writing New Comic, Remake Reveals New Set Photos And Video

A quarter century after the release of Paul Verhoeven's RoboCop, the cyborg police officer remains as well loved as ever. In fact, today we've got news about three different versions of the character coming our way.

First, we have the first peek at the statue going up in Detroit, which is based on the original (1987) version of the character. Then there are photos and video from Jose Padilha's upcoming remake, which has been undergoing reshoots in Vancouver. Finally, Boom! Studios has announced plans for a new comic book series called RoboCop: Last Stand, penned by Frank Miller. Hit the jump for details on all of the above.

Robocop statue

The statue still hasn't settled on an exact location, but wherever it ends up it looks like a fitting tribute to Detroit's favorite protector.

... Even if it doesn't quite mesh with the Padilha's updated version of the character, seen here in these set photos.

As we've seen in previous images, the RoboCop suit has gotten a big makeover for the new film, which is probably for the best. Classic as the old look was, this one feels much more modern.

It looks pretty good zipping around on a high-speed bike, too, as evidenced by this set video.

Though the majority of the picture was shot in Toronto last year, YVR Shoots (via Comic Book Movie) explains that the reshoots are taking place in Vancouver to accommodate Joel Kinnaman's schedule for Season 3 of The Killing. Get an eyeful of the Vancouver Convention Center playing the role of Omnicorp HQ.

Padilha's new RoboCop is scheduled to open February 7, 2014.

But in the meantime, you can enjoy a fresh adventure thanks to Boom! Studios, who will publish RoboCop: Last Stand. It's being penned by Frank Miller, who wrote the original screenplay for RoboCop 2. His contribution was almost entirely excised in rewrites, but the plot got reworked into a limited series for Avatar Press several years back.

It's unclear whether the new series will be a continuation of a previous story. It doesn't have anything to do with the new movie, as far as we know. Steven Grant, Korkut Ă–ztekin, and Declan Shalvey also work on the new series, which hits sometime in August.

Robocop Last Stand

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