Cool Stuff: Personalized Olly Moss Cast And Crew 'Thor: The Dark World' Posters

Back in 2010, Marvel hired artist Olly Moss to make a special poster for the cast and crew of Thor. The resulting image, never available for public purchase, blended a bunch of iconic imagery from the film into the outline of Mjolnir. Last year Moss was asked to do similar work for the sequel, Thor: The Dark World. Now that the first trailer has debuted, he has debuted the finished product to the public.

As with work for most sequels, Moss was even more ambitious this time around. He settled on one main image, but for each principal cast member Moss drew custom versions of their character and inserted them into their own poster. Below, see a selection of the images.

Thanks to Olly Moss' Twitter feed for the images. The first is Thor (presumably given to the majority of people, including Chris Hemsworth), second is Loki (given to Tom Hiddleston only), third a trio (including Heimdall, given to Idris Elba only) and the last is Darcy, give to Kat Dennings only.

On Moss' Tumblr he revealed that his payment wasn't cash, it was an authentic Mjolnir. Amazing.

Unfortunately, again, these will never be made available to the public. The original poster did make it out into a charity auction, but that's about it. So be on the lookout and be ready to open that check book for a good cause.