Dan Aykroyd's Latest 'Ghostbusters 3' Pipe Dream Is To Shoot Next Year

Is it just me or has Dan Aykroyd turned into the boy who cried Ghostbusters 3? The more he talks about it, the less likely we are to believe anything he says. The writer and actor, who recently called out Sony for their lack of ectoplasmic enthusiasm, is one again doing the press rounds. Once again, he told an outlet he expects the film to go into pre-production in the fall, and that filming should start in 2014. Read his quotes below.

Here's the latest from Aykroyd in an interview with ABC News (via Bleeding Cool):

I feel re-encouraged, reinvigorated by the pages that I have seen. I know that we're expecting half of the screenplay to be completed very soon. It should be into production by the fall and be shooting by the new year. I won't say anything, it's very exciting. The Higgs boson and the particle theories, gluons and mesons, that really gives us a scientific base in terms of our fictional storytelling, to open up to another dimension and have something horrible come through.

That's kind of cool they're infusing new scientific discoveries into the film. He then followed up:

We're going to really put it into ninth gear, in this third one. It's going to be very, very exciting. I've been more encouraged than I ever have been. It sounds real now. We've got a sharp new writer on it, Ivan (Reitman) is on it, Harold (Ramis) is on it, I'm on it. And if I can put the catch-net on Billy [Murray] and bring him in, it will be wonderful, if he decides to do it. There will always be a hole for him.

He then said he didn't see a point to releasing earlier versions of the script online.

Again, I think we'd all like to see a really good, thought out, funny Ghostbusters 3. We don't need it, but a good one would be just fine. I simply think Aykroyd continually putting a time-frame on the film is not good for business. Eventually, this thing could still be greenlit and get made. Even without Bill Murray, it's a surefire hit for the studio, a guaranteed summer tentpole. That said, there's certainly a good reason why Sony has yet to greenlight the film. Until that happens, take everything Aykroyd says with a grain of salt.