Watch A Retrospective Of The 84 Best Picture Oscar Winners

The Oscars will be doled out this weekend, and so this week is the culmination of award-season speculation and fervor. It'll all be over soon, but while you wait for Sunday's glitzy ceremony to begin, this video is a great way to relive the biggest winners of years past. The reel highlights every Best Picture winner from the past 84 years, with just a few seconds given to each movie.

Some of the films here are almost certainly not so well known to audiences today, especially ones from the award's first five or ten years of existence. But the clips are presented in chronological order, so it is very easy to ID which films are which in the early run. And once it hits the late '40s or so, there shouldn't be a movie in here that you don't recognize, even in just a snippet of footage.

The clip ends with shots from this year's Best Picture nominees, to muse on what winner might be next.

[via Indiewire]