'Noah' Set Photos Reveal Ray Winstone As Bloodied, Battered Villain


We've seen the ark, we've seen Noah, and we've seen his friends and family. Now a new batch of set photos reveals the big scary villain that Russell Crowe's lead character will be up against. No, not the flood: Ray Winstone was revealed this summer as Tubal-cain, the apparently human nemesis to Crowe's man of faith. Specifics on his character are hard to come by at this point, but judging by these images he'll be getting roughed up quite a bit. Check them out after the jump.


In the Bible, Tubal-cain is a descendant of Cain (you know, of Cain and Abel fame) and one of the first smiths on Biblical record. He's also the brother of someone named Namaah, who may or may not be the same Namaah named as Noah's wife (played in the movie by Jennifer Connelly). In other words, Tubal-cain may be Noah's brother-in-law. But that's assuming Aronofsky hasn't changed around their backstories, which he very well could have.

In any case, this Tubal-cain seems to be a fighter. Aronofsky was reportedly looking for someone with the physical presence and strength to believably face off against Crowe, and Winstone won the role over contenders like Val Kilmer and Liev Schreiber. Perhaps what we're seeing here is the aftermath of that showdown.

Aside from Winstone, Crowe, and Connelly, the star-studded cast also includes Logan Lerman, Douglas Booth, and Emma Watson. You're probably already familiar with the broad strokes of the classic Biblical tale, but as you'd expect, Aronofsky is putting his own spin on it. His version of the story is set in a "violent, freaky, scary world," with a complicated, Mad Max-esque protagonist. Noah is slated to open March 28, 2014.