VOTD: Son Shows Mom A Re-Edited 'Toy Story 3' With Unhappy Ending

Note: This post contains major spoilers for Toy Story 3. Be aware if you haven't seen the movie.

This is incredibly mean. And I love it. One of the most emotional scenes in Toy Story 3 is when the toys accept their fate in the junkyard and it looks like they're going to die. Then, at the very last minute, the aliens save them with the claw and the film continues. However, the first time you see it, you couple actually think  - for a second – the toys may die.

YouTube user Justin Walin decided to take that feeling a bit further. He re-edited the film to make it end with Woody, Buzz and the gang accepting their fate in the junkyard. He showed his version to his mother and videotaped her reaction. Yes it's mean, but oh boy is it funny. Check out the video below.

Thanks to MetaFilter (via IO9) for this video. It's like 7 minutes but the money shot is about 2 minutes in. And yes, it's very dark in more ways than one.

Obviously, Justin is a bit of an ass but it's certainly a clever prank. Did you find this funny? When you first saw the film, did you think it was possible the toys would actually die? What other movies could this happen with?