'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2' Panel: Kristen Stewart Vs. A Mountain Lion [Comic-Con 2012]

In The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2, you will see Kristen Stewart wrestle with a mountain lion. She also jumps waterfalls in a single bound, climbs mountains and hugs Robert Pattinson really hard. At the first Hall H panel of San Diego Comic Con 2012, director Bill Condon (via video) and the cast and crew of the November 16th film screen the first seven minutes of the movie, most of which centers on Bella's first time acting like a vampire. "It felt so good to break her in," Stewart said of this films' newly vamped character character. "See how fast the car goes."

After the jump, read about the first seven minutes of the film and the rest of the final Twilight movie panel at San Diego Comic-Con.

The footage begins just as the first movie ends. Bella's red eyes open and she begins to look around. She can see incredibly well. The dots in the ink on the wall, plants in bloom, etc.. She then sees Edward, ahhh, Edward, walks up to him and the first words of the film – fittingly – are "So beautiful." She then pulls him in for a hug and, because she's now vampire strong, hurts him a bit. It got big laughs from the crowd.

The pair then go for a vampire walk in the woods. Which means they run super duper fast and jump really, really far and stare at each other in slow-mo. It doesn't look particularly good, but the movie is still a few months out.

Bella and Edward stop and see a deer. In the Twilight lore we know that the Cullen family doesn't like to kill humans, they hunt animals, so Edward seems to be teaching Bella this. But she smells something. It's a human, rock climbing nearby, and he's cut himself. She darts off towards the smell of the blood, races up a mountain face, hot and bothered for human blood but Edward stops her. She jumps off the mountain to go back to the deer.

Unfortunately the deer has another hunter now too: a mountain lion. Bella and the lion both go for the deer, jump and – in mid air – Bella tackles the lion. The pair wrestles. Bella gains control and chomps on the throat of the lion. Yes. This happens.

Fully nourished, the couple goes back to the Cullen house and encounter Jacob (insert wild girls screaming). He explains that before Bella can see her daughter she should go with Jacob. Why? Bella will soon learn about their eternal love. Instead she just smells his wolfness, makes a joke and the footage ends as they go into the house to meet Renesmee.

Later, a second scene was shown where vampire Bella tries to "learn to be human" to fool her father. Cause, as a vampire, you don't have to breath, blink or anything like that. So it's a humorous little snipped.

The panel itself was the typical Twilight Comic-Con nonsense. Lots of screaming, even some cheers for the "final panel" announcement, lots of repeated dumb questions, sexual innuendo, Taylor Launter's chest hair, the full checklist.

But honestly, I think Breaking Dawn Part 2 might be the best film yet. Simple because it just looks so batty and ridiculous.