'Ice Age' Borrows Muppets Idea, Spoofs 'The Dark Knight Rises'

How did it take this long for someone to cut The Dark Knight Rises footage to the tune of the Karen O cover of 'Immigrant Song' from the trailer for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo? Maybe there have been other versions of the same idea that I've missed, but this one is worth a look — it has quite a wide variety of footage, and is pretty nicely edited to emulate the trailer for David Fincher's thriller.

But the headline promised you an Ice Age trailer spoof of The Dark Knight Rises, and we've got that, too. In truth, the Ice Age attempt isn't nearly as good as the best Muppets parody trailers were; it's more on par with the promo video made to look like The Artist that hit early this year. Which is to say: cute, but hardly the stuff of viral video madness. Judge for yourself below.

Here's the Ice Age teaser, via ComingSoon. Ice Age: Continental Drift opens on July 13.

And this is the TDKR edit. Sure, the track doesn't make nearly as much sense here as it did for Fincher's film, but the rhythm of the edit generally works, and there is arguably a chilly kinship between the tone of Nolan and Fincher's movies.

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