Trivia: Quentin Tarantino Almost Directed A Chris Tucker Stand-Up Comedy Movie

In the late Nineties, Chris Tucker was one of the biggest movie stars in the world. He was making over $20 million to star in Brett Ratner's Rush Hour films but then he faded away. This was a guy who proved he was a comedy genius in the film Friday, could be awkward and great in a sci-fi film like The Fifth Element, but he more or less dropped off the face of the Earth after 1998's Rush Hour, only returning for its two sequels. What happened? It seems he got a bit full of himself.

Harvey Weinstein appeared on Sirius XM's The Opie and Anthony Show Wednesday morning and said that he and Quentin Tarantino approached Tucker to make and release a movie showcasing the actor's stand-up comedy. It didn't happen because of Tucker's greed. Read the details below.

Weinstein recently worked with Tucker in his comeback film, the upcoming Silver Linings Playbook, and said that several years ago, he and Tarantino approached Tucker to document his stand up comedy. They said they'd split the profits 50/50. Fifty percent to Tucker and 50 percent between the producer Weinstein and director Tarantino. All seemed well.

Then, Tucker came back to Weinstein and said he wanted 90 percent of the profits and Tarantino and Weinstein could split 10. The star of Rush Hour, who did two movies in the last decade, wanted to short a Hollywood legend with multiple Best Picture Oscars and one of the most influential filmmakers in Hollywood.

Obviously, Weinstein said "No."

Weinstein did say he loved working with Tucker on Silver Linings Playbook and that every time he sees him now, he jokes with the actor about his screw up. So it seems he's learned from his mistake. But I can't help but be upset we didn't get to see a Quentin Tarantino directed Chris Tucker stand up movie.

Do you believe this story? Are you fascinated by the career of Chris Tucker?