Gameplay Footage From 'Star Wars 1313' Revealed; Think 'Uncharted 3' Meets 'Empire Strikes Back'

The Internet has been abuzz this week with the news of Star Wars 1313, a video game that'll provide a more mature look at the Star Wars universe. You star as a bounty hunter working in the underworld of Coruscant sometime between the events of Star Wars Episodes III and IV.

Initially, several images were released but it was unclear whether they were concept images, gameplay or cut scenes. Now, actual gameplay footage from the Star Wars 1313 has been revealed and it's extremely impressive. Check it out below.

Thanks to Kotaku for the footage, which kicks in about 2 minute into this segment. Do watch the whole segment, though, cause you get a better idea of what 1313 really means. Here goes.

The first thing that popped into my head, and a lot of yours I'm sure, was Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. The placement of the camera, the massive action, the way the environments dictate movement, Star Wars 1313 looks like Uncharted in the Star Wars universe. And it's certainly no coincidence that the huge area they're in looks like the shaft on Cloud City at the end of The Empire Strikes Back.

What remains unclear, however, is if this is a free world game like Grand Theft Auto or a linear on like Uncharted. Based on that footage, plus the incredible detail and action, it's almost certainly the latter. However, if it is linear, that might take a bit of the bite out of theĀ conceitĀ of being a bounty hunter and actually "hunting" the targets. Shooting people in a linear quest is one thing. Actually hunting someone based on clues is something else.

What do you think of this footage from Star Wars 1313?