Russian 'Prometheus' Trailer Rules In Any Language

Many of us have likely got to a point with Ridley Scott's Prometheus where enough is enough. We've seen the clips, we've seen the trailers, things are starting to reveal themselves that are better discovered in the theater and if tickets were on sale right now, we'd buy one. In fact, most of us were probably at that point when the names Ridley Scott, Damon Lindelof and Alien were joined up with a cast featuring Noomi Rapace, Idris Elba, Michael Fassbender and Charlize Theron. You give us big-budget, smart sci-fi that looks as good as Promethues and we're sold.

But sorry, everyone, we can't be that selfish. There are likely many, many other people who still need to be sold on such a potentially amazing concept and the TV spots and trailers for Prometheus will continue right up until the film's release. Case in point, a Russian trailer has been revealed that has new glimpses at previously seen scenes and tension upon tension.

So if you still crave awesome looking, bad-ass Prometheus footage, even if it's in a different language, it lies below.

Thanks to Twitchfilm for the trailer. It's a credit to Scott's visual style that even with the actors dubbed into another language, the trailer can have such a magnetic effect.

I've watched the trailer twice now and I think I see a few new reverse shots (such as the truck driving out of the Prometheus) but nothing that's totally different from the domestic trailer. Am I missing something?

Finally, if you're still reading this, you likely haven't gone spoiler free on Prometheus yet. Is it because you don't care or you just need to keep consuming to curb your anticipation for the film?