Watch A Video Dedicated To Those Who Didn't Get Academy Award Nominations: 'Snubbed 2012: An Oscar Tribute'

Oscar season is over, and so we're at the point where everyone can spend a day or two talking about the actual winners before moving on to enjoying the great bounty of films that 2012 has to offer. But before we move on, take one last moment to enjoy a fake Oscar tribute reel. This one is for all the films that didn't get nominations in 2012. There's a good chance that one of your favorite filmmakers is represented here.JoBlo cut this together, and it hits most of the big films and actors that didn't score nominations. You might take issue with a couple things here, too (Dragon Tattoo as Best Picture?) but in general the films highlighted here are well-chosen. It's one of several ways to remember that the Oscars aren't everything. (The best way, really, is just to see and talk about movies, regardless of the awards they receive.)

What films didn't make this reel that you would have liked to see represented in the Oscar list?