Jaden Smith Shows Off His 'After Earth' Costume

M. Night Shyamalan recently started shooting his new film After Earth, in which a family crash lands on Earth one thousand years after humanity has vacated the planet. Will Smith plays a father who is captured by an Earth-dwelling force after the landing, leading his son (Jaden Smith) to mount an effort to save him. Zoe Kravitz and Sophie Okonedo also star in the film.

The elder Smith and Shyamalan have posted some images from the early days of filming. Now Jaden Smith has shared his own image, which shows the suit he wears in the film. It's our first real look at any of the actual production design for the movie; check it out below.

My first thought was: Dune. Smith's costume looks just enough like the Stillsuits worn by Fremen in David Lynch's version of Dune that it's all I see. Beyond that, it's a good-looking suit design, but we don't know enough about the film's story to guess what the point of the details might be. [Jaden Smith]