Cool Stuff: Oscar 2012 'We Showed You' Ad Campaign

Each year, the Oscars are the culmination of a year of movies in Hollywood. Films from January through December of the previous year are celebrated and awards are handed to the best of the best. This year however, maybe I'm crazy, but something doesn't feel right.

It all began with the Brett Ratner/Eddie Murphy debacle. Brian Grazer and Billy Crystal replaced them, which was fine, but then the nominations came out and were almost too predictable for words. Even as recently as Tuesday, it was announced the two Best Original Song nominees won't be performed. What's supposed to be a joyous occasion, filled with glitz and glamour, now has what feels like a huge rain cloud hanging over it.

Maybe the people who are behind the whole shebang agree. They've just revealed a new ad campaign to remind viewers, and filmgoers, about Oscar's storied history with thirty plus images saying "We Showed You" followed by a reference to a great movie of the past. We've picked ten of the best for you to check out after the jump.

Thanks to First Showing, Yahoo and for these images.

Besides tickling our nostalgia with these ads, the phrase "There's a little bit of the movies in all of us" is a nice touch. It's true. Movies define many things for many people, especially you if you are reading a website called Slashfilm. However, harkening back to the past and reminding us of what movies mean doesn't really get me any more excited for an Oscar ceremony with Billy Crystal doing a song and a dance, no Muppets, and every single winner from every single award show prior to this winning again. Not to mention no fun nominations to speak of.

What do you think of the campaign? Do you think the Oscars have lost their luster overall or just this year?