Are These Mysterious CIA Documents The Beginning Of A New 'Dark Knight Rises' Viral?

Two prominent outlets, Wired and Empire, have just been "leaked" mysterious CIA documents about a missing Russian nuclear scientist named Dr. Leonid Pavel. Coming Soon believes the man in the photo is actor Alon Aboutboul whose latest screen credit on the IMDB is Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises. Has a new Dark Knight Rises viral begun? It seems like it. See the full images and speculate after the jump.

Here are the two documents, one from Wired, the other from Empire with a hat tip to Coming Soon.

Reading them, there's not a whole bunch to go on or any direct references to Batman. But assuming it's Batman, I think I can speculate as to the connection. It would involve delving into some MAJOR SPOILERS so, if you want to follow the viral on your own, you should probably stop reading right here.






Major potential, hypothetical spoilers for The Dark Knight Rises below.

If you've been following the spoiler pages of Superhero Bits for the past several months, you likely remember images from the set of the film which appeared to be of some kind of doomsday device created by Bane. It looked like a massive, nuclear bomb. Click here to see a photo.

Well, if this nuclear physicist is missing, it seems to me like a prime suspect would be Bane and that he would need this individual to build him some kind of bomb. A bomb to destroy Batman and Gotham.

Now, we don't know at what point in the movie this is, if he's successful, how Batman reacts (actually, we know how he reacts, by flying the Batwing over it. We've posted an image before.) or what happens next but I'd venture a guess that all of this is connected some how. If it is, then what's the pay off? A new trailer? New stills?

Obviously, there's plenty to discuss or speculate on so have at it below.