Watch A Video That Explains How The Ending Of The 'Breaking Bad' Season Finale Went Down

Sunday night's Breaking Bad Season 4 finale contained any number of intense OMG WTF moments, but perhaps the most disturbing arrived in the form of a quiet shot at the very end of the episode. The scene took many viewers by surprise, myself included, but as it turns out, the hints were lying in plain sight all along. After the jump, watch a video explaining exactly how the surprise twist went down — as predicted by YouTube user jcham979 days in advance of the finale's air date. (It should go without saying that MAJOR SPOILERS for the end of Breaking Bad's fourth season follow.)

But as jcham979 points out, maybe the explanation wasn't so unexpected. Vince Gilligan and company cleverly slipped some clues into Episode 12, right out in the open for any fan clever enough to pick up on them.

[via Eric Appel]

Of course, what's truly devastating about the revelation is that it fits so perfectly with what we know of Walter. In a recent interview with the AV Club, Gilligan said, "The best way to keep a show unpredictable, ironically, is to be true to these characters and let them tell us where they need to go." In the case of Walter, he keeps surprising us by going farther and farther downward — and with 16 episodes still left in the series, I can't wait to see just how closer to hell he can get.