Mark Millar Begins To Accept Reality, Says Matthew Vaughn Not Likely To Make 'Kick-Ass 2'

I'll say this for Mark Millar: the Kick-Ass creator/writer is ever-optimistic. He's been talking about a sequel to Matthew Vaughn's 2010 film for months now, despite many indicators pointing to the fact that the liklihood of the film ever materializing grows smaller every day.

Now Millar admits that Kick-Ass co-writers Vaughn and Jane Goldman are unlikely to return to the material for the sequel, assuming it ever happens. If we do see Kick-Ass 2, it will almost certainly be under the command of a new director.

Speaking to the LA Times, Millar says that the success of Kick-Ass puts some of the creative team out of reach for the sequel:

...everybody involved suddenly got hired for a million different things, and re-forming the band again would be impossible. Hopefully, we can use the same actors if and when we do a sequel, but getting Matthew [Vaughn] to direct or Jane to write a movie at this budget would be very difficult because they're superstars now and they have projects of their own.

He goes on to say that he expects Vaughn to produce and potentially co-write, "like George Lucas did with The Empire Strikes Back," but that another director will likely be at the helm.

Millar also admits that the young actors, who are all growing up fast (remember how Chloe Moretz looked in Kick-Ass, then look at her in that Dark Shadows photo from earlier today) are a limiting factor as well. He says "there's a window because the actors are all supposed to be in high school and if this came out after 2013, for example, that window would have closed. "

This is all stuff that most observers have been saying for some time, but it's good to see Millar admitting the basic fact that the sequel might not happen, at least as initially envisioned.