'Red Lights' Teaser – 'Buried' Helmer Directs Robert De Niro And Sigourney Weaver

Although director Rodrigo Cortes isn't a household name just yet, last year's gripping, suspenseful Buried, starring Ryan Reynolds, marked him as a talent to watch. So we've been curious about his new project, Red Lights, ever since it was first announced last year. Our anticipation only heightened as we watched Robert De Niro, Sigourney Weaver, Cillian Murphy, and indie darling Elizabeth Olsen join the cast, one by one.

We got our first glimpse of the film back in the spring, when a not terribly exciting photo was released showing De Niro standing on a stage, all in black. Now we've got a a brand-new teaser, which offers a very slightly better look at the movie.

Written and directed by Cortes, the story revolves around a psychologist (Weaver) and her assistant (Olsen). Their research leads them to try and debunk a famous psychic (De Niro), who's making a comeback after decades away from the limelight. Murphy plays Olsen's love interest. Sadly, Weaver, Olsen, and Murphy are nowhere to be seen in the trailer — it's just De Niro by himself, acting all mysterious-like. Watch the video after the jump.

[via First Showing]

The teaser really doesn't reveal much. Literally all we see is De Niro sitting on a bed, and then slowly turning around. But whoever cut the trailer does a pretty good job wringing as much creepiness and dread out of that scene as possible. Cortes proved a talent for building drama and tension in his last project, so I'm very eager to see what he'll do with a wider scope — especially as he's got an intriguing premise and a solid cast to work with.

Here's the poster, which was released a few months back. The placement of Murphy's name makes it look like he may have a bigger role than the simple "love interest" character description would suggest, especially as Olsen's name doesn't appear on it at all:

[image via JoBlo]

Red Lights has no U.S. release date as of yet, but is expected to hit theaters sometime next year.