Disney Studio All Access Coming Soon, Links Movies Across All Media

The home entertainment market is always evolving. From major format changes, to the advent of high definition and 3D, to digital streaming content becoming more and more prevalent, it's almost impossible to predict what the next big thing is. So why not embrace it all at once? That's what Disney has been slowly building up to for a few years and it seems like they're almost ready to launch Disney Studio All Access, also known as DSAA. It's a new service that will allow users to pay one price for a movie and then get that movie in all formats. So you'll get a Blu-ray, a copy for you iPad, the ability to watch it on demand and more. There aren't a lot of details about this service but it's coming soon if a new teaser website is telling the truth. Check it out and more after the jump.

Thanks to Stitch Kingdom for the heads up. Here's the teaser trailer that's available on the new teaser site for the DSAA: disney.go.com/disney-studio-all-access.

There's really not that much more information outside of that. Disney hinted at the DSAA with the advent of Keychest in 2009 and then gave it a name at an investor conference in February. At the time, the only news was that the service would provide access to over 5 million digital entries.

That number alone offers an idea of what this service could be. You'll be able to watch the movies, yes, but more than likely all of the behind the scenes extras as well. Plus, with this service, the "Disney Vault" – the name for when Disney removes a movie from shelves – virtually never closes. You won't have to wait years to once again buy a new copy of Beauty and the Beast. Buy it once and you can see it in a whole bunch of different ways.

Disney fans will be all over this but for the rest of us, and to see if other studios adopt this system, it'll all come down to price point. If they can offer DSAA at the cost of a high end Blu-ray – say under $35  – then it might just work.

What do you think about all of this?