Kevin Smith's 'Hit Somebody' Update: First Film Scripted, Both Films Titled

Kevin Smith took to Twitter Friday morning to update his fans on his next and final film, Hit Somebody. Smith recently announced that the hockey film would be released in two parts, ala Kill Bill, and as of today the first script is done and he's moved on to part two. He'll call part one Hit Somebody: Home and the second part Hit Somebody: Away referring to the fact that the first film will see the main character Buddy, played by Nicholas Braun, growing up and the second will see him playing pro hockey. Smith's also aiming for the first part to be rated PG-13 and the second part R. Yes, another PG-13 Kevin Smith movie. There's more after the jump.

Though Smith is obviously still polishing his script, the credits of Red State promised the film would be released in 2012. That's definitely still a possibility with the speed that Smith shot, edited and released Red State. If you want to know more about Hit Somebody: the cast, the story, the song, etc., we've written about it extensively at this link.

Speaking of Red State, though, it just finished a very successful one week run at the New Beverly in Los Angeles, CA and will be on demand next week so everyone will finally get to see what all the fuss is about. I went and checked it out again after my initial Sundance viewing and think that while Smith has improved the film in the months since with a bunch of nips and tucks here and there, I still stand by my initial review. It's a solid, interesting film.

Also, sorry to be cryptic, but I've heard we'll be hearing some significant news about his TV shows soon too. There's never a dull moment in the Smuniverse. Yes I just made that word up.