Superhero Bits: The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, Man Of Steel, Amazing Spider-Man

Want to watch Marc Webb talk about how he's creating their own world in The Amazing Spider-Man? How about hear what Anne Hathaway's audition process was like for The Dark Knight Rises? What's the weather like on set? Was there a jam up on Zack Snyder's Man of Steel shoot yesterday? Would you like to see the construction of destruction on the set of The Avengers? And what does Hitler have to say about all of this? Read about all of this and more in today's Superhero Bits.

When Steve Rodgers was given super serum and became Captain America, he was given the kind of muscles that – in real life – are only possible through steroids. And there's your jumping off point for this Funkanomics Comedy video (via Topless Robot) that surmises what happens when Captain America is called before the Senate to talk steroids.

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More Dark Knight Rises set photos have surfaced showing some snow and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. If you head to the Superhero Hype forums (Via CBM) you can see many more photos and read many more details about what's going on in the scene. There's more TDKR on the next page.

Anne Hathaway is doing press for One Day and keeps getting asked about her currently in production movie, The Dark Knight Rises. And while she won't be saying much about the character or plot, she did reveal the audition process to Examiner (via Comic Book Movie). Here's the first paragraph, read more at the links:

The casting process for The Dark Knight Rises was Chris met with a bunch of girls to have a general [reading]. And then he culled the list down three-and-a-half months later to do screen tests. So everyone with XX chromosomes [women] in Hollywood was sitting on pins and needles for three-and-half months.

One of the new twists on the Spider-Man story in The Amazing Spider-Man is that it deals with Peter Parker's biological parents. Director Marc Webb spoke to MTV about this twist and said that, unlike in the comics, they won't be CIA agents in this movie. They're creating their own world.

Comic Book Movie reader Thunder978 did a little recon on the Man of Steel shoot yesterday. They're shooting some kind of traffic jam scene on a highway in Sugar Grove, IL. You can't see much in this video but it's cool none the less. If you head to the above links, you can see another video of him approaching the set.

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Jumping off that video, the Man of Steel Facebook Page as well as On Location Vacation (via CBM) have a bunch of detailed photos from the shoot. The one above is of Henry Cavill and at the links you can (sort of) see Diane Lane and Kevin Costner as well.

While the most of Man of Steel shoot is in Illinois, apparently they'll be heading to Edwards Air Force Base in Southern California towards the end of their shoot early next year. Thanks to Superhero Hype for the info.

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Oh that Hitler, he has an opinion on anything. In the meme that never ends (via Nuke the Fridge and CBM) the German mass murderer voices his opinions on all of The Dark Knight Rises leaks including Bane's voice and Catwoman's mask.

In that video, Hitler mentions the early rumor that The Riddler was going to be in The Dark Knight Rises. That rumor has all but been debunked, especially when Christopher Nolan said "It won't be the Riddler." But, leave it to the internet to keep hope alive. Hypable (via Screenrant) supposedly found a casting sheet that lists "Edward Nygma." It's total bullshit, but, you've got to love the internet's inability to let things die.

Local Cleveland news station News Net 5 (via CBM) reports from the Cleveland set of The Avengers. Nothing ground breaking here but they do a good job at covering what's going on and showing how the locals are reacting to it.

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Comic Book Movie has a bunch of photos from the above Cleveland set of The Avengers. Mass destruction ensues. This is just one example.

Staying on The Avengers, Kotaku (via CBM) reports that THQ has reportedly cancelled plans to make a video game based on the Marvel superhero team up.

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Bane is on the jumbotron! CBM got a bunch of addition photos from the Heinz Field Dark Knight Rises shoot this weekend including the Tumblers that were there and Tom Hardy joking around, as Bane, on the jumbotron.