Len Wiseman Promises 'Total Recall' Remake Will Include A Three-Breasted Woman

We've been following the Total Recall remake for a few years now, wondering what to expect from the retooled adaptation of Philip K. Dick's short story. We've already covered some of the differences between Len Wiseman's new version and Paul Verhoeven's 1990 film, but a new interview has surfaced indicating that at least one key aspect will stay the same: the new Total Recall will most definitely include an appearance by a three-breasted woman, just as the original Total Recall did. Read more after the jump.

Asked whether he had purposely shot different versions of certain scenes for ratings purposes, Wiseman responded:

I just shoot as I shoot. It's not so much of "Now I'm going to do the rated-R cut"... [But] there's specific things. There's different versions of the three-breasted woman... [The new film] is its own take on [the story], but... you can't make Total Recall without certain things.

Wiseman further explained the process behind picking and choosing which allusions to make to the first movie:

After I read the script I wrote a list out of the things that I remembered from when I was 15 of Total Recall before I went and rewatched Total Recall again, just to see what actually stuck with me. And those were things I want to pay homage to.

Which really explains what the overendowed prostitute is doing in the new film. A triple-breasted woman is the kind of thing that would stick in anyone's mind, really, but assuming everything I've ever learned about teenage boys from Hollywood sex comedies is true, it'd be forever seared into the memory to a horny 15-year-old.

The three-boobed wonder won't be the new film's only connection to the original — Wiseman also confirmed that there would be other homages to the original movie, though he didn't give any other specific examples. When Collider asked whether he would be paying homage to any of the 1990 picture's "classic one-liners," Wiseman cryptically replied, "In different forms."

In the same interview, Wiseman also stressed that his version would place more emphasis on "grittiness and realism" and have "a more serious tone." I'm having trouble imagining how a woman with three boobs would fit into such a gritty, realistic, serious universe, but perhaps that just speaks to my own lack of imagination.