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Check out more photos from the set of Total Recall.

Kevin Smith now claims that he told Harvey Weinstein to "shut the f*** up" after he saw the mogul talking on his cellphone during the premiere screening of Red State.

"I pull the curtain over, I go, 'Hey!' He looks over and I go, 'Shut the f*** up!' He goes like this [does a double take.] And I said, 'Yeah, shut the f*** up! I would never do this to you. I would never come to one of your screenings and act like an a**hole. Shut the f*** up!' He looked like he was going to come over and punch me. I closed the curtain and I sat back down. I was terrified because it was a huge f***in' moment. I was like here it comes, repercussions, the other shoe is going to drop, and nothin'. No curtain. I looked and he just left, took off."

Today's t-shirt of RIPT Apparel is "The Nerd Brain".

Jon Favreau will direct Wednesday's edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Today's t-shirt of the day on TeeFury is Buffy The Vampire Slayer-inspired design "Our Lady of Sunnydale"

A jury sides with DreamWorks Animation in a lawsuit which claimed that "the idea for the hit Kung Fu Panda movies was stolen from a man who pitched the studio months before it began developing the project without him."

The one-bedroom bungalow in Venice California featured as the Dude's home from The Big Lebowski is up for sale.

Vulture takes a look at Smurf conspiracy theories which claim the little blue creates are somehow racist, misogynist or closet KKK.

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Community showrunner Dan Harmon tweeted out the above photo which shows a banner on display on the shows' soundstage.TPS lists the 9 most sinister sports movie villains.David Copperfield uncovers a startling secret: the Harry Potter franchise was ripped off from his life. Suck it, Potter!

Fox is developing a feature film adaptation of the book ESPN: Those Guys Have All The Fun.

Check out Tom Whalen's tribute to Pee-Wee Herman.John Goodman has signed on for a six-episode stint on the NBC comedy Community to play a college administrator.Watch Dreamworks Animation story artist David Wolter's Cal Arts student film Eyrie.Todd Phillips has optioned feature film rights to Guy Lawson's Rolling Stone article "Arms and the Dudes."Donald Glover released the cover art and announced the name of his new album today: "Camp".

Imax stock plummeted more than 11% after an analyst raised concerns that the company's digital and large-format screens don't have as much box-office profitability as previously believed.

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The Playlist premieres the movie poster for Paul Rudd's Our Idiot Brother.

Dreamworks Animation has made a deal with Netflix.

Mike Relm remixes Cowboys & Aliens.OWF lists 52 reasons why Back to the Future may be the greatest movie of all time.

On Friday, Joshua Budich will release a Marla variant of his Fight Club poster.

FuriousFanboys lists the 10 most badass weapons in Star Wars (besides the lightsaber).Battlestar Galactica easter eggs.Geekologie has an article on a real-life Alien chestbuster.

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UGO lists the best fan made movie replicas.Buzzfeed lists 10 things you didn't know about National Lampoon's Vacation.Steve Carell's contract clearly states his head has to be the biggest one on his movie posters.Easy A screenwriter Bert Royal is in talks with Fox Searchlight to direct and develop the comedy spec A Thousand Words or Less.Acme Archives Direct has just released a limited edition Giclee print of "Jawa Sandcrawler" by Steve Thomas.

Warner Bros has acquired the feature rights to Deborah Harkness' novel A Discovery of Witches which "pits vampires against sorcerers in interspecies war."

Harry Potter bathroom graffiti.Splash lists the 9 coolest moments in Comic-Con history.Watch a sneak preview of the new Beavis and Butthead series, which was shown during a Comic-Con panel.Cracked lists the 10 deleted scenes that would've ruined the film.

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A new Yoda prototype statue was on display at the Kotobukiya booth at Comic-Con.

ToplessRobot lists the 12 Infuriating Gaps in Action Figure Toylines.

Check out this vintage 1976 photo of Comic-Con fans watching Star Wars for the first time.

Geek Twins list the 10 Nastiest Alien Worms From Sci-fi Movies and TV.

Diamond Select has unveiled their Ghostbusters inspired Terror Dog lamp.

Guyism lists the 10 greatest sidekicks of all time.