VOTD: 'Harry Potter' Interpreted Via 'The Book Of Mormon'

Disclaimer: Outside of the fact that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 comes out this weekend, this video has nothing to do with movies. It's a parody song about a book based on a song from a Broadway musical written by guys who do a TV show. So even though this isn't technically "film" related, a Harry Potter parody song based on the song Hello from The Book of Mormon, co-written by Trey Parker and Matt Stone who do South Park, probably is worth a mention. Especially when it's this good. Check it out after the jump.

First thing, a big thank you to The AV Club for directing us to this video. Here it is.

And just for comparison sake, here's the original song from The Book of Mormon. It's the first song of the show so there aren't any real spoilers. Though, having just seen the show myself, if you plan on seeing the show, you might want to stay fresh just for the sake of surprise.

The video was written, performed and edited all by one person, New York actress Tessa Netting. Obviously it's influenced by the John Williams singing video from a few years back and, as the AV Club points out, Netting probably didn't take into account the way her song would carry the subtext that fandom is very cultish. All that aside, it's still a really clever and impressive video especially if you're familiar with Harry Potter, The Book of Mormon or preferably both.