Rob Cohen To Direct 'Bullet Run'

Briefly: Rob Cohen directed The Fast and the Furious, kicking off a billion-dollar franchise for Universal. Now he's set up to direct Bullet Run, based on a script by Andrew Hilton. The movie is an action thriller that is already being called The Fast and the Furious in a desert. (So... something like Fast & Furious?)

Here's the plot, as given up by Deadline: "The head of an elite private protection team and his former CIA agent wife infiltrate the closed borders of Iran to abduct a man who killed their daughter. The extraction goes awry and they force to rely on their world-class driving skills and a fleet of high-performance street cars to travel 200 miles through a hail of bullets to keep alive the man they really want dead."

Sounds utterly ludicrous, but also potentially fun. Where do the street cars come from? Hopefully they're 'liberated' from old Hussein holdings, or perhaps just taken right off the streets of Dubai, where bankrupt investors left them to rot while fleeing the city.