VOTD: 'Angry Caller' No-Texting Announcement From The Alamo Drafthouse

The Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, TX operates with a few simple rules, chief among which is this: don't disturb the people around you. Don't talk, don't text. Period. If you do, and people complain, you're booted without a refund. Get the hell out and good riddance.

As you'd expect from someone rude enough to damage the theatergoing experience for other anonymous paying customers, people who get booted from the Drafthouse sometimes get angry. A customer was booted recently for using her phone during a movie, and she called the Drafthouse to complain. Her voice mail is a perfect example of so many things that can damage the theater experience. (To say nothing of life in general.) So the Drafthouse did the obvious thing, and used it as the basis for a 'no texting' pre-show PSA.

Over the weekend I had the rare pleasure of catching two of the Alamo Drafthouse's Rolling Roadshow events (The Searchers and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) and there was talk of showing this PSA before Chainsaw. That didn't happen, but it is now online for your great enjoyment. It will be running in front of R-rated movies at Drafthouse locations in Austin starting this weekend.

This is beautiful. Anyone who agrees with this phone call should never go to a theater.

If the screechy cursing of a displeased ignoramus is offensive, you can find a censored version of the announcement here.