LOL: All The Other Superheroes Think Hawkman Is Too Lame For A Movie

Here's a little bit of weekend fun. Hawkman has always seemed like a bit of an odd man out, depending on how his story is told and what character surround him. But even in the more cosmic tales from the DC universe, this guy is a weirdo. He's got wings on a harnass and a mask that, while kind of cool to look at, sports a weird design that is somewhere between ancient Greece and ancient Egypt, and seems far more ceremonial than practical. No wonder all the other now-popular superheroes don't want to drink with him. But what if he were to actually get his own film? Would that change anything? Watch how one interaction between Hawkman and the other heroes of today's films might turn out.

The setup here is simple: Hawkman shows up at an LA bar where a bunch of heroes are toasting Green Lantern's new movie. No one wants the Hawk to crash the party because he's a little, well, lame.

I was skeptical when I started watching this short, but started chuckling right away — Wolverine (Ryan Fox) was killing me — and grinned through the whole sketch. The low-budget costumes add a lot. Makes it feel a bit like the live-action version of The Tick, and also plays like a mild acknowledgement of the fact that the Hollywood love for superhero movies is just a bit ridiculous. Soon, the silliness of the pervasive superhero becomes a big, overt part of the joke. And hell, it's fun to see everyone messing with Hawkman. It is a drag that the jokes devolve to "your costume is gay!" though.

Check the YouTube page for full credits.

But what if Hawkman gets a movie after all? Of course, there is the idea for one — which, I assume, goes above and beyond simply remaking some of the scenes from Flash Gordon — and it is evidently out to writers now. That's barely news, but for Hawkman it's probably better than nothing.