Minor Spoilers From Seth MacFarlane's 'Ted' Reveal Absolute Insanity

Seth MacFarlane has already built a television empire and he's about to do the same thing at the multiplex. He's currently shooting Ted, an R-rated comedy about a man whose Christmas present from the 1970s, a talking teddy bear, comes to life and achieves fame as a foul-mouthed womanizer. Mark Wahlberg is the lead, Mila Kunis is his girlfriend and MacFarlane himself will play the bear in full motion capture. Scheduled for release July 13, 2012, Ted also stars Joel McHale, Giovanni Ribisi, Patrick Warburton and more.

And while we already know the basic plot, a scooper over at Flixist has uncovered a few details that aren't necessarily major, but give a great idea of where MacFarlane is going with this. These should be considered spoilers. And completely mental.

Again, a warning that these details – if true – should be considered spoilers. Thanks a bunch to Flixist for the info.

First, according to the scooper, they say the movie is shooting in Boston. This is true. Second, they say that Ted works in an convenience store. Every other description of the film, even from Wahlberg himself, says that the Ted is famous so maybe he goes on hard times. Third, the site says that Ted has sex with a women (human, one would assume) in the back of the store next to some Pepsi. Cue Morgan Spurlock and the Furry or Bestiality fans. Not sure which. Fourth, they say the Mila Kunis role is of an ad executive. Seems reasonable. Finally, and this is kind of nuts, they say the film has multiple references to the cult classic 1980 film Flash Gordon and that not only does Sam J. Jones – Flash himself – make a cameo, they are recreating vehicles from the movie for Ted.

That all sounds kind of insane if you ask me but, very much in the mold of Seth MacFarlane. Though it comes out the week before The Dark Knight Rises, Ted is quickly rising the list of 2012 films I'm dying to see. Whether or not this is all true.