Superhero Bits: 'Green Lantern,' 'Wonder Woman,' 'Deadpool' And 'Thor 2' Rumors

What villains might appear in Thor 2 and when could we possibly see it? Did Robert Rodriguez actually have a connection to Deadpool? Why exactly didn't Wonder Woman make it to air? And would you like to post yourself doing the Green Lantern oath and see a brand new poster? All the answers will be revealed in the latest Superhero Bits.

Cinema Blend has a source inside Marvel that says, due to the huge box office success of Thor, a sequel is currently being kicked around. And while that's not really news in itself, what their source told them is. First of all, they say Marvel is hoping to release the sequel during the summer of 2013, right around the time Iron Man 3, which is currently being written. That would mean three straight summers of Thor if you include next summer's The Avengers.

Also, the Cinema Blend source says the two most likely villains at this point are The Enchantress and The Executioner. In the comics, the Enchantress is a sorceress of Asguard who is jealous of Thor's love (most likely Natalie Portman's Jane) and plots to take her out so she can have Thor to herself. The Executioner is her right hand man, who also happens to be in love with The Enchantress. Of course, these are just rumors as the film doesn't have a writer, director, or even a greenlight yet, but, according to Cinema Blend, they're being discussed.

Speaking of Marvel movies in development, we haven't heard much about Deadpool since the hiring of Tim Miller as a director. One can assume he's quietly working on the film. Before Miller was hired, though, everyone thought Robert Rodriguez was going to direct the film and, according to the director of the upcoming Spy Kids 4, that was never going to happen. Here's what he said to the MTV Splash Page:

I was working with Fox already on 'Predators' and I asked what other movies they had coming up. It was 'Planet of the Apes' and other stuff. They said I might want to see 'Deadpool.' So I said, 'Sure, send it to me.' Almost just out of curiosity. And if I really, really wanted to do it, maybe I could figure out a way to do it. But that wasn't really going to happen. I just couldn't fit it in with other projects. People send you scripts all the time to read. They'll send the same script out to 20 different directors, but for some reason they write about it when I'm reading something. I'm like, 'Well, I was just reading it!'

Well, even though he was never going to direct it, what did he think of the script?

It's going to be a cool movie. I don't want people to think it's going to stink! Not at all. It's a great script and action-packed and it's a great character.

He has more to say on the subject, so head over to MTV to read more of Rodriguez's comments.

Heading over to DC, one of the biggest disappointments (or maybe biggest sources of relief) is that NBC's Wonder Woman didn't make it to air. But why exactly? Other than the fact that the costume was terrible and we heard the script was really poppy and stupid, here's what NBC chief Robert Greenblatt told TV Guide:

They did a great pilot and worked really hard on it. And I have huge respect for David E. Kelley. But we looked at the schedule and our needs and where things were falling into place. And it just didn't seem to fit.

Thanks to Geek Tyrant for the heads up.

DC also premiered a brand new poster for Green Lantern featuring Abin Sur, played by Temuera Morrison, on their Facebook. Very cool indeed.

And they're also pumping up the viral marketing for the film encouraging fans to take the Green Lantern Infinite Oath. Click that link and you can record your own oath and add it to the ever growing site. Plus, you can click around and find other people's oaths like DC bigwig Geoff Johns, Ain't It Cool News' Harry Knowles, Devin Faraci and others, who actually alerted us to this cool promotion over on Badass Digest.