Joe Pesci Confirmed For 'Gotti: Three Generations,' Lindsay Lohan In Talks

John Travolta is already playing the Don in a film about the Gotti family, and now his extended cast of underlings in Gotti: Three Generations is slowly being filled up. The film, which will tell the story of the complex relationship between John Gotti Sr. (Travolta) and his son John Gotti Jr. has now added Joe Pesci as Gotti's second-in-command, Angelo Ruggiero, and Lindsay Lohan is in talks to play Victoria Gotti, Gotti Sr.'s daughter. Nick Cassevetes (who recently replaced Liam Neeson in The Hangover Part II) will direct a script by Leo Rossi (Analyze This) for Fiore Films. They hope to have an actor set to play Gotti Jr. in the coming weeks.

At a New York press conference talking about the film, Travolta called the Gotti story "the most interesting untold story in this country." Read more about it after the jump.

The Hollywood Reporter was at the press conference and got all of this information on the upcoming film.

For those who may not know, the Gotti's were a major part of the Gambino crime family, one of the major mafia families that has run New York City for half a century. John Gotti Sr. was the Don for over 15 years in the 1980s and 1990s and, eventually, that was passed down to his son, John Gotti Jr. Junior's sister, Victoria, became something of a reality television star with the show Growing Up Gotti.

Gotti Jr. is one of the driving forces behind this film, consulting on all levels, and the producer – Marc Fiorekeeps calling the film "the new Godfather." The difference between The Godfather and Gotti: Three Generations, though, is that the Corleone's were fictional so Mario Puzo was able to delve deep into their psyche. With Gotti Jr. not only still alive, but consulting on the film, will it really be as deep and disturbing as previous mafia movies?

What are your expectations about this movie? And what do you think about Pesci and Lohan joining the cast?